Video // Editor's Notes

Jobsite (Photography) Tip: Embiggen Your Battery Capacity

We were setting up our GoPro on the jobsite and shooting time-lapse. But what we found was that we'd get about two hours out of the batties on it, and then it would cut out.

Article // Insulation & Air Sealing

There's More to Attic Insulation Than Attic Insulation: There is Venting, Air Sealing, and Misery

How to reduce ice dams, improve thermal performance, and boost durability of homes with vented attics  

Photos // Framing

Sorry, No Codes (Construction Haiku)

A simple stairway Answers the question of why. Why regulations?

YouTube // Framing

4 Ways to Sharpen a Carpenter's Pencil

Why square pencils are better than round ones, and a handful of trick-sharpening methods from a master carpenter

Podcasts // HVAC & Mechanicals

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): 7 Minutes of BS

Three-pronged solution to indoor pollution: Isolate, eliminate, and ventilate

details // Framing, HVAC & Mechanicals, Insulation & Air Sealing

Airtight Dropped Soffit for Ducts, Fans, or Can Lights

Keep mechanical equipment within the envelope to improve the quality of houses and homes

YouTube // Decks & Porches, Woodworking

Cutting Perfect Decorative Ends to Pergola Joists

Make a pattern using elliptical sticks, and then use a router with flush-cut bit to replicate onto the big stock  

Video Treats // Framing

Plywood Production: Old School and Hi Tech

Old school and new tools on display in a two-video mashup  

Video // Demolition, Concrete & Masonry, Framing

Gut Rehab and Addition Double the Size of A Minneapolis Foursquare

This first video in the series focuses on the existing conditions and the demolition sequence. Following videos look at the foundation, framing, exterior shell, and exterior finishes.

Video, Article // Framing

Advanced Framing Do's and Don't Bothers from an Architect

Just because you draw it doesn't mean they'll build it that way. Know what makes sense, what the framer can execute, and forget about designing in two-foot modules

Photos // Decks & Porches

El Aguila: A Love of Remodeling Turned A House Into A Hotel

As family size contracts, big houses become small hotels

Article // Siding & Exterior Trim, Trimwork & Cabinetry

Crown Molding Q&A: Matching Crown Molding Profiles Up the Rake

When the humps don't match the bumps, you need a second molding profile—or you can eliminate the plumb cut  

YouTube // Safety

Electrical Safety: Ladders, Dew, and Power Lines

This true story is taken from a NIOSH FACE Report, which identifies factors that contribute to fatal injuries and gives comprehensive recommendations for preventing similar deaths.  

Video // Tools, Insulation & Air Sealing

Bahco Insulation Knife and Saw: "Works Really, Really, Really Well"

For cutting rockwool insulation, retire your old bread knife and pick up a pair of these

Video Treats // Demolition

The Model: Remodel Show — A Quick Take Down

  This time on the Model remodel Show, Ben and the crew aim to take back some of the calendar that winter stole with a late March snow storm.

details // Framing, Insulation & Air Sealing

Airseal the Rim Joist and Wall Framing Connection

Glue the rim joist, caulk the gaps, and overhang the wall sheathing to tighten this leaky building assembly  

YouTube // Concrete & Masonry

Cut a Diamond Pattern in a Concrete Patio Using a Diamond Blade on a Skilsaw

Square up to the back wall, layout 45-degree lines, placing corners at the house and work outward

Photos //

Architectural Postcards from Chile and Uraguay

It’s a pleasure to stroll the streets of Colonia, Uruguay, and realize that in those homes you admire, you could also live. People do. And it’s not too expensive.