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Construction Disruption Collection: Robots, CNC Routing, and 3D Printing

3D Printing is hereby put on notice that it is not the disruptive sweetheart of the construction world anymore. ROBOTS are everywhere.  

YouTube Video // Framing

Retrofitting a Hardy Frame Shear Panel

Here’s how to stiffen walls that are too narrow to resist the force exerted by high winds and earthquakes.

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A Robotic Layout Machine

This Roomba-like device can navigate a room and print complicated layout on the floor.

YouTube Video // Decks, Porches

Beyond Miters and Butt Joints: Custom Deck Border

Going a few steps beyond the usual methods for hiding end-grain.  

Video // Tools

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Belt Sander Video Review

Ridgid and Ryobi decided to bust through the cordless barrier when it comes to belt sanders  

Photos // Best Practices

Replacing Windows in Germany

It takes unusual tools and techniques to replace European-style windows in masonry walls.

Photos //

Una Casita Bonita

A tiny abode with a tiny pricetag  

BS Podcast // HVAC, Mechanicals

Make Up Air: 7 Minutes of BS (Building Science w/a Beat)

Houses cannot expand and contract with changes in pressure like balloons can. Instead, they need paths for air to balance the pressure

YouTube Video // Roofing

Why a Cedar Roof Needs a Cold Roof System

Use skip sheathing and a ventilation space to extend the life of the shingles

Video // Framing

Seismic Retrofit: Soft-Story Construction in Berkeley, Calif

Tie the walls to the foundation, the floor to the walls, and add shear strength for lateral support  

Video // Demolition

Demolition Phase of a Foursquare Remodel in Minneapolis

A drone's-eye view of an ongoing remodeling project

YouTube Video // Concrete, Masonry

Placing a Stem Wall and Footing in a Single Pour In California

This old-school method kills two birds with one stone.

Video Treats // Safety, Tools

What Happens When You Crash a Work Van?

Do not be a dummy, make sure your tools are solidly secured, and put some protection between you and them—in case they ain't.  

Video // Framing, WRB, Flashing, Windows, Doors, Insulation, Air Sealing

Cold Climate Passive House Retrofit in Connecticut

A collection of five videos on a Passive House Retrofit in Sharon, CT (climate zone 5) executed by Ben Bogie, Built to Last, LLC

Details // WRB, Flashing, Insulation, Air Sealing

Flashing Pipes, Framing, and Exhaust Vents in Exterior Walls

For walls with a pre-applied weather barrier, make sure the tape is compatible with the WRB coating—or use a primer  

YouTube Video // Insulation, Air Sealing

Extreme Cold-Climate Wall Hacks

Furring and foam on the INSIDE for better walls in really cold places.

Article // HVAC, Mechanicals, Drywall, Tile, Flooring

The Engineering, Building Science, and Code Implications of Marijuana Grow Rooms

Like kitchen & bath remodels, it involves plumbing, ventilation, electrical upgrades, waterproofing, and building inspectors  

YouTube Video // Tools

A Home-Made Multi-Function Tool Cart

A woodworker in Belgium goes Festool one better by devising a wheeled folding bench that works with their products.